understanding self


Desert infused stillness

Enter a 5 minute brain massage and find out about the importance of unplugging to nourish ourselves.

Support System

The power of community

Communities - when we build them, they build us.


How We Spend Our Days

Sometimes we need a remind to take a step back from our crazy lives. Discover a nugget of wisdom shared by our founder.

clinical social worker

The Laboratory

Take a look at Julie Wald and how her life 20 years ago was influenced and became the laboratory for the business she loves today.

personal growth

Look up

Although it may not align with the seasons, we have control over our internal weather patterns and we want to help you gain that power for your life.

Evolving habits

Gardeners of Light

Explore both the light and dark inside yourself, and see how the different aspects in your life can impact the heart and mind.

be present


Part of personal wellness is learning the difference between reacting and responding. Discover how you can tell the difference.


The Real Deal

Explore how every moment of our lives can get stuck inside our minds and how this is not necessarily a bad thing. Meditation can help.


Strength and Weakness

Our greatest strengths are also our greatest weaknesses. Learn how they reflect back at us through our fitness training, yoga, etc.

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