Desert infused stillness

Enter a 5 minute brain massage and find out about the importance of unplugging to nourish ourselves.


you are love

Julie gives a raw and kind outlook on how love can be shared and created by you. Be love, and feel that warmth as it passes through to yourself and...


How We Spend Our Days

Sometimes we need a remind to take a step back from our crazy lives. Discover a nugget of wisdom shared by our founder.


Little Things

Find out more about what mini moments are and how they can have a big impact on how we feel mentally and physically.


Take a Walk

Taking a walk allows us to grow stronger in our minds, bodies and souls. Learn why walking can be good self-care for us all.


Love Is a Verb

Share the love. Here are some insights on how the love of ourselves and others is similar to meditation. This is because it must be practiced and we...


Strength and Weakness

Our greatest strengths are also our greatest weaknesses. Learn how they reflect back at us through our fitness training, yoga, etc.


I love you

Three little words -- "I love you" can help transform your life and can be a reference point for yoga training, family, work, and more.

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