Desert infused stillness

Enter a 5 minute brain massage and find out about the importance of unplugging to nourish ourselves.


We Made It

We made it! Let's talk about the self-care practices we can introduce as 2019 begins.


Why Are You Okay With Not Being Okay?

It's a new year, new me...right? There's real power behind in doing this as a together action.


How We Spend Our Days

Sometimes we need a remind to take a step back from our crazy lives. Discover a nugget of wisdom shared by our founder.


An Army of Healers

Reminder: as wellness professionals, we are here to help others and make their lives better with our army of healers.



CEO Julie Wald shares a story about her son, Eli, and how together they became involved in a program that allows them to share their abundance.


Take a Walk

Taking a walk allows us to grow stronger in our minds, bodies and souls. Learn why walking can be good self-care for us all.



After taking a break from her weekly Friday reflections posts, our very own Julie Wald is excited to announce she will be returning to this practice.


Baby Steps

Do you put the needs of others before your own? Coming from a client who has a pattern of doing this, learn how baby steps helped her regain balance.

Massage Therapy

I'm a client too

While our CEO Julie Wald is dedicated to taking care of others, she also needs to take time for herself to continue her ever-changing wellness...

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