We Made It

We made it! Let's talk about the self-care practices we can introduce as 2019 begins.


Why Are You Okay With Not Being Okay?

It's a new year, new me...right? There's real power behind in doing this as a together action.


How We Spend Our Days

Sometimes we need a remind to take a step back from our crazy lives. Discover a nugget of wisdom shared by our founder.


The Anchor

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season it is easy to lose focus. Pause for a moment, and find your anchor.


An Army of Healers

Reminder: as wellness professionals, we are here to help others and make their lives better with our army of healers.

power of human touch


Touch is an essential part of healing and wellbeing. It could be as simple as a friendly handshake, as thoughtful as a long hug, or as intimate as a...

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