clinical social worker

clinical social worker

In Service

We were pleased to host a Mindfulness 101 seminar for an amazing group of pediatric physicians recently and we want to share the details of the...

clinical social worker

The Laboratory

Take a look at Julie Wald and how her life 20 years ago was influenced and became the laboratory for the business she loves today.

clinical social worker

The Drive

Julie Wald recounts her personal experiences and indicates how these have helped shape her drive and aligned her to reach her purpose.

clinical social worker


Does the question, "What is your purpose? "scare you? See how our personal meditation and health services can help you live your purpose.



Personal wellness and health require engaging in self-care practices, which we create ourselves, and we are prepared to be the inspiration you need.

clinical social worker


Being happy does not mean there were no setbacks. Learn from Julie the challenges and bumps she faced and how yoga and personal meditation allowed...

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