Types of movement

This might be the best way to do movement...

The best way to get your body moving consistently is to start by doing what you love.

This Friday, I wanted to share with you my method for incorporating one of my favorite pillars of Namaste wellness, MOVEMENT. It’s all about integration, routine, and doing what we enjoy. Whether it’s ten sun salutations with a gratitude prayer upon waking, a 30-minute brisk walk in the park at lunchtime, 20 push-ups while the coffee is brewing - these are the types of movement practices that change the game as we age, compete, work and love.

My current routine (it evolves) goes from my elliptical to my yoga mat, to my meditation - each for about 15 minutes on a regular busy weekday morning. I weave in weekly 60-minute personal training and pilates sessions and incorporate massage therapy on weekends.

We each have a unique recipe that works for us - our schedule, preferences, needs, and goals. It makes sense to start with what we love in terms of movement and build from there. If you love to strength training but struggle to practice yoga (but need to stretch and breathe!), integrating consistent, shorter mini yoga moments may be the key to being able to strength train long term without injury.

The bottom line is - we need a strategic plan as to how we will integrate the necessary ingredients for well being into our lives - consistently. Let’s make it happen.

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