Massage Therapy

The Power of Touch + Connection

Touch and connection can feel distant in our digital age so, making an effort to make those connections deeper might offer us a bit of relief.

Human touch is our first language. In its healthiest form, touch is what made us feel safe as babies and children, what teaches us about our own bodies and the bodies of people we love, a tool to relieve pain and vehicle for intimacy. Touch is a foundational and powerful human building block and has the power to heal, create life, and deliver pleasure. 

In the digital age, we are constantly connected, but the quality of that connection pales in comparison to the power of real face to face, hand to hand, and heart to heart time. It seems as though we fill ourselves up on “junk food” connection, and don’t always make space for the “healthier and more whole” connection that comes from a deeper relationship. This relationship can be with a wellness professional, a friend or a lover - but it’s happening in the flesh, it has a pulse and a heartbeat.

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