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The Marathon + Life

As marathon season is upon us, we have clients asking for the best way to successfully last without injury. Yoga, assisted stretching and body massages are important to ensure you are caring for your muscles and joints while running.

Around this time of year, we start hearing from all of our beloved clients who are training for the marathon. They know that in order to make it to November 3rd without injury - yoga, assisted stretch, massage, and bodywork are a must.

Here’s why. Running is a huge energy output, and while it can be a very meditative practice, it can also be stressful on the muscles and joints. The body requires recovery time, lubrication and mobility in order to stay healthy during training so that it can achieve the goal of completing the marathon in the desired time frame without injury.

However, you don’t need to run 26 miles to know that life is also a marathon (if we’re lucky) and can be extremely hard on our bodies and minds. Strength and power which are needed for the road ahead can lead to rigidity, which will break us in the end. It is essential that we find ways to support ourselves with practices that will refill our well and keep us agile and flexible amidst the changing weather patterns of our days.

Touch is an incredibly powerful and often overlooked well-being “hack” whether we are training for a race or just living life. Receiving healing touch through massage therapy or bodywork is like plugging into an energy source that has the power to keep our battery running and our parts working optimally.

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