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The gut-brain connection

After having my third child about 9 years ago a switch flipped on what had been a few nagging flaky patches on my skin for about 10 years.  The patches got larger, and my ankles and fingers started to ache to the point I was limping. I freaked.

There I was - a yoga teacher, wellness advisor, wellness business founder, multitasking mother of three and my body was starting to break down.

I had a few options - heavy duty immunosuppressant drugs, limping around holding my babies, or deep listening and learning. My diagnoses being a double-whammy of autoimmune diseases - psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. I decided the later.

I met with every one of Namaste’s nutrition experts, I read and researched voraciously and spoke with every wellness colleague I knew. I compassionately listened to how my body felt moment by moment, meal by meal.  I eliminated grains, refined sugar and dairy completely. I ate tons of veggies, eggs, fish, fruit, some beef and lamb and chicken in moderation, ghee, every kind of oil I could find, sweet potatoes, fermented foods, nuts and dark chocolate for my sweet tooth. Back when I started this diet what you’d find down the isles of your local natural market didn’t exist - negative on the almond flour paleo tortillas or keto cookies. I kept it super simple. Whole avocados, bananas, homemade bone broth.  I realized that almost any veggie sauteed in ghee tasted amazing and left me feeling nourished. I took probiotics and digestive enzymes for about a year, and then I weaned off all supplements with the exception of a few drops of key essential oils. I also regularly took Biocidin which helped me heal from candida in my 20’s, psoriatic arthritis in my 30’s, and lyme in my 40’s. I was also regularly downing strong herbal blends and chinese herb in tea form like it was my job. Because well, it was.

I learned in my early 20’s that taking too many supplements made me feel like a sick person, psychologically. Every time I put a capsule in my mouth I felt like I was telling myself that I wasn’t ok, subliminally.  While I believe that supplements in pill form can be vitally important - my constitution is served much better by liquids, teas and powders.

Through my journey I learned to leverage the amazing knowledge of countless experts to heal. But in the end, I believe, it was my own inner connection, intuition and wisdom gained from the internal and external connections that healed me. And who knows, maybe the case will be the same for you.

It’s about going with your gut, which is our second brain (or maybe our first!) after all.

With Love and Gratitude,


That being said, before you have knowledge-grounded intuition through trial and a lot of error it is helpful to learn from the those who have lived it. Connect and communicate with your tribe. Create a new one. Find mentors. Learn.

We’re taking our own advice and are introducing a brand new addition to our Friday musings. An aggregate of resources put together by our wellness team so we can all elevate our knowledge base together.

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