morning routine

The easiest way to start your day centered

A nook filled with all the things we love could be just what we need to get centered in the morning.

Inspired by my best friend, I recently made an altar space in my kitchen, right where I make my morning tea, coffee or mudwtr - depending on my mood. Flowers, inspirational cards, stones and shells, my essential oils, sage and photographs of my family and myself fill up this little nook. It's extraordinary how big of an impact this small space has had on me. Making space for reflection, meditation and reverence as I make my morning beverage feels like a centering and nurturing way to open my day, to meet my morning.

I pick an inspirational card from my friend Elena’s beautiful deck, take a long deep forward fold as my hot water boils, and I sip my tea, waking up and preparing for my morning movement routine and meditation. It’s not always pretty, but the day starts with stillness and spaciousness - which feels like the opposite of stress.

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