Nourish to Flourish

It is easy to neglect our needs. We have to nourish ourselves with food, energy, nature, and community. We know how to do it, so put ourselves first and find what works for us.

We nourish ourselves with food, energy, nature, and community. These are the basic building blocks for health and well being, the ingredients needed for a newborn baby to thrive, and what all humans need as part of self-care. While it seems so simple, through the years I have witnessed these basic needs be neglected by so many, and I can also identify periods of my own life where I failed to prioritize nourishment, and ended up feeling depleted and sick.

At Namaste we recognize that nourishment means something different to each of us. Whether our Nutrition Coaches support your journey with food, or our Wellness Coaches reflect back the power of more time outdoors or in nature - our intention is to help connect you with resources for nourishment - body and mind.

Here are a few examples of how we do just that.

Custom 6 Week Nutrition Reboot

Our 100% personalized 6-week program includes the below. The cost of the program is $2400.

  • Initial deep dive consultation (1.5 hrs) + 11 follow up sessions (30-45min)

  • Twice weekly Virtual Sessions to make any necessary changes to your plan and support you in progressing and moving towards your goals

  • Unlimited access to Nutrition Coach via email/text/call to ask quick questions and receive support

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