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Essential Ingredients

Since 2000 My husband and partner Michael and I began working together with the pure intention of helping people weave movement, stillness, connection, and nourishment into their lives in a way that is consistent, sustainable, and rewarding. Three years later, with a little luck and patience, we were able to launch that intention into a business together, which became Namaste New York! We believed then, and we believe now that intentionally pursuing wellness creates fertile soil for health and happiness.

What we didn't know was that by starting with the most essential ingredients, we would build a body of knowledge based on years of experience. As we developed this expertise and data, those who truly benefited were our clients. In working with us for over a decade, we were able to continually optimize their experience, and the way they look and feel better now, is a true testament to our partnership with them.

We work hard to be a deeply valuable resource for help with managing stress, optimizing performance, helping with pain, managing time constraints and a heavy travel schedule - and living well. Having a plan for your wellness is key, as well as support and coaching on the journey. We have truly enjoyed the community we have built, and we invite you to join us and see what it's all about.

We offer you:

Wellness Plans + Wellness Coaching

Virtual and In-home Fitness and Wellness Sessions

Corporate Wellness

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