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The power of community

“Life is a team game” - or at least that’s what my Dad has always said.

We need people to pass the ball to, to cheer us on, to lend a hand when we fall on our butts. At different stages of life community plays a role in different ways. As children, we learn from our peers about how to play, how to be in a relationship, what types of behavior attracts people, and what repels. We can tell our children all day long that they should not interrupt others or chew with their mouths open, yet nothing changes. However, when a peer gets annoyed or disgusted with them for such behavior - they alter their ways.

Community for young adults is about separation and individuation - learning who we are and the company we wish to keep. The safety of the community supports young people in leaving the “nest” so to speak. As “grown-ups” community becomes the web of humans, we share work, fun and maybe most importantly, hard times with. We form creatorships, partnerships & friendships through our many stages of life that push us, support us & bring us true soul nourishment in a society that could very much be the opposite.

In 2019, most of us are connected in the digital space - exposing the finest version of ourselves and our experiences: Albeit, not exactly community. Being part of community in a meaningful and authentic way is dependent on us being ourselves, wholly and freely - lacking a filter. Human touch and real-life connection is an essential ingredient in nourishing this tribe; it’s where our minds and hearts receive real substance. In the words of Brene Brown, “Social media [is] helpful in cultivating connection only to the extent that [it’s] used to create a real community where there are structure, purpose and meaning, and some face-to-face contact. Social media [is] great for developing community, but for true belonging, real connection and real empathy [we] require meeting real people in a real space in real time.”

Making space for a real-life community can be hard in this day and age for a variety of reason. Much like taking the time to cook a healthy meal at home or give a foot massage to our partner. Most worthwhile endeavors take time - except a deep breath, affirmation or random act of yoga ;)

It’s about finding our people, putting in the time, and getting vulnerable and real - because we are better together.

To my community.

With love and gratitude,


Community pieces we love:

  • True belonging is not passive. Our belief in the inextricable human connection is one of our most renewable sources of courage in the wilderness. But it takes work. Notes from Brene Brown.

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