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A Special Note on Nourishment

The ripple effect of nourishing my body mindfully with food has been profound. I have also witnessed this in countless Namaste clients. Many of us are well aware of the gut/brain connection, food, and mood, etc - but what does it all mean in real life? For me, eliminating grains, sugar, and dairy from my diet has shifted my body to a place where I no longer experience:

  • psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis

  • PMS

  • seasonal allergies

  • the need to manage my weight

  • sluggish digestion and bloating

I believe that the way I nourish my body has also helped my anxiety, my overall energy level, and vitality, as well as my skin. It was my own team of nutritionists here at Namaste that helped me find the “just right” food formula for my body, as it is unique for each of us depending on our needs, goals, and lifestyle.

Let’s find the “just-right” formula for you.

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