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I once had a broken heart many moons ago. I cried and cried to my long term boyfriend that I was so petrified that if he wasn’t “the one,” I may never find true love again. He looked me in the eyes and said -“Julie, you don’t have to worry about finding love, YOU ARE LOVE”.


This was profound to hear, and of course this type of wisdom was one of the reasons I loved him so. This conversation has remained vivid in my mind for more than 20 years. It set me on a path to understand the meaning of LOVE - self love, romantic love, marital love, maternal love and universal love of every human being on earth - even the ones we may not “like.”


One thing I have learned is that if we can connect with the idea that we are love, we start to connect with a feeling of abundant, loving energy inside of us. That energy enables and inspires us to love ourselves and feel love for the people around us. I love myself with my nourishing food, my movement practices, my acceptance of my innate strengths and weaknesses. I love myself by honoring my own process - with all its blocks and breakthroughs, and forgiving myself quickly when I royally screw up. This sets the tone for how I love my partner and my children, as well as my parents and friends. In fact, I fall in (platonic) love with each and every Namaste client I ever work with or speak to directly. I have been known to love the most “difficult” of humans as I love them for their humanity. I love to love. (Other things are hard for me, but that’s for another blog...)


I have realized through the years, since that broken-hearted conversation, that love is not something we find, it’s something we are and something we create.


So here’s this - YOU ARE LOVE. Take that and run with it far beyond Hallmark cards, romantic gestures and the month of February. Write it on your bathroom mirror, make it your phone password, figure out how to remind yourself until you feel it from the inside out. And of course, you can call me on the phone and I’ll remind you, and probably try to sell you some self care support too, out of love - of course! :)

With Love and Gratitude, Julie


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