Support System

This Summer, Remember to Practice

Julie Wald reflects on how the sun outside does not always match how we feel inside. We need to widen our scope of reality and continue to build...

wellness experience

Share Our Pillars of Wellness

'Sharing is caring' has never been more true. When you share your wellness practices with others you can feel the ripple effect it has on yourself...


Pre-natal intuition

For CEO Julie Wald, her wellness journey is connected to motherhood and being able to listen to her body when she needed it most. Any event in our...

making time for stillness

Summer on the horizon

Schedule some purple on your calendar

stress relief

Movement is a gift

Consider how you feel on the days you incorporate movement versus the days you do not. Learn about the benefits of multi-modality movement.


Desert infused stillness

Enter a 5 minute brain massage and find out about the importance of unplugging to nourish ourselves.


Selfcare for the soul: breathwork

Breathwork is the foundation of yoga and you can learn to control it too.

Support System

The power of community

Communities - when we build them, they build us.

Healthy Eating

The gut-brain connection

Listening to our bodies is key. Take a look at the importance of the gut-brain connection below. Along with the help of experts, use wisdom and...


you are love

Julie gives a raw and kind outlook on how love can be shared and created by you. Be love, and feel that warmth as it passes through to yourself and...

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