parenting struggles

Dinner table

Our founder Julie Wald shares an experience she had at the family dinner table and how letting go can be very powerful when you are struggling.

be present

Good luck

Good luck and bad luck can seem to get mixed up. Find out how what we do when we experience bad luck can make a huge difference.


Strength and Weakness

Our greatest strengths are also our greatest weaknesses. Learn how they reflect back at us through our fitness training, yoga, etc.

toxic friendships

The company we keep

Did you know that the company we keep directly influences us? Find out more in this post and join us at Sakara Life in East Hampton.


I love you

Three little words -- "I love you" can help transform your life and can be a reference point for yoga training, family, work, and more.



Personal wellness is learning to take time for yourself and your family by finding that sweet spot between the tension and the release.


One Hour

See how one hour of yoga can help you from feeling spent and allow you feel closer to illumination.

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