Selfcare in the Time of COVID-19

Covid-19 is a growth opportunity we wish we didn’t have to embrace, but we have no choice. We are here to be part of the solution. Our Virtual...

purpose of namaste

Lighting Up Lives

As a business, we try to work with healthcare companies to ensure that we give the best assistance to those in need. Read about Light Up A Life and...


Nourish to Flourish

It is easy to neglect our needs. We have to nourish ourselves with food, energy, nature, and community. We know how to do it, so put ourselves first...

Meditative movement

The Marathon + Life

As marathon season is upon us, we have clients asking for the best way to successfully last without injury. Yoga, assisted stretching and body...

morning routine

The easiest way to start your day centered

A nook filled with all the things we love could be just what we need to get centered in the morning.

Namaste Wellness

Essential Ingredients

Since 2000, My husband and partner Michael and I began working together with the pure intention of helping people weave together the essential...

changing diet

A Special Note on Nourishment

Nourishing our bodies means different things for everyone. There are connections between the gut and brain when it comes to food which in turn,...

Massage Therapy

The Power of Touch + Connection

Touch and connection can feel distant in our digital age so, making an effort to make those connections deeper might offer us a bit of relief.

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