Selfcare in the Time of COVID-19

Covid-19 is a growth opportunity we wish we didn’t have to embrace, but we have no choice. We are here to be part of the solution. Our Virtual...

purpose of namaste

Lighting Up Lives

As a business, we try to work with healthcare companies to ensure that we give the best assistance to those in need. Read about Light Up A Life and...


Nourish to Flourish

It is easy to neglect our needs. We have to nourish ourselves with food, energy, nature, and community. We know how to do it, so put ourselves first...

Meditative movement

The Marathon + Life

As marathon season is upon us, we have clients asking for the best way to successfully last without injury. Yoga, assisted stretching and body...

morning routine

The easiest way to start your day centered

A nook filled with all the things we love could be just what we need to get centered in the morning.

Namaste Wellness

Essential Ingredients

Since 2000, My husband and partner Michael and I began working together with the pure intention of helping people weave together the essential...

changing diet

A Special Note on Nourishment

Nourishing our bodies means different things for everyone. There are connections between the gut and brain when it comes to food which in turn,...

Massage Therapy

The Power of Touch + Connection

Touch and connection can feel distant in our digital age so, making an effort to make those connections deeper might offer us a bit of relief.

Support System

This Summer, Remember to Practice

Julie Wald reflects on how the sun outside does not always match how we feel inside. We need to widen our scope of reality and continue to build...

wellness experience

Share Our Pillars of Wellness

'Sharing is caring' has never been more true. When you share your wellness practices with others you can feel the ripple effect it has on yourself...


Pre-natal intuition

For CEO Julie Wald, her wellness journey is connected to motherhood and being able to listen to her body when she needed it most. Any event in our...

making time for stillness

Summer on the horizon

Schedule some purple on your calendar

stress relief

Movement is a gift

Consider how you feel on the days you incorporate movement versus the days you do not. Learn about the benefits of multi-modality movement.


Desert infused stillness

Enter a 5 minute brain massage and find out about the importance of unplugging to nourish ourselves.


Selfcare for the soul: breathwork

Breathwork is the foundation of yoga and you can learn to control it too.

Support System

The power of community

Communities - when we build them, they build us.

Healthy Eating

The gut-brain connection

Listening to our bodies is key. Take a look at the importance of the gut-brain connection below. Along with the help of experts, use wisdom and...


you are love

Julie gives a raw and kind outlook on how love can be shared and created by you. Be love, and feel that warmth as it passes through to yourself and...

Massage Therapy

The Power of Touch

Fine tuning our self-care is a process that happens over time and real connection with human beings can foster that.


We Made It

We made it! Let's talk about the self-care practices we can introduce as 2019 begins.


Why Are You Okay With Not Being Okay?

It's a new year, new me...right? There's real power behind in doing this as a together action.


How We Spend Our Days

Sometimes we need a remind to take a step back from our crazy lives. Discover a nugget of wisdom shared by our founder.

gift of wellness

The Key Ingredients

Learn more about the key ingredients of our wellness values as we take a look into Julie Wald's personal self-care plan.


The Anchor

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season it is easy to lose focus. Pause for a moment, and find your anchor.


I Forgot

Forgetting things is natural especially if you are stressed. Sometimes being forgetful just means we need to slow down and take some self-care time...


An Army of Healers

Reminder: as wellness professionals, we are here to help others and make their lives better with our army of healers.

clinical social worker

In Service

We were pleased to host a Mindfulness 101 seminar for an amazing group of pediatric physicians recently and we want to share the details of the...


Doing vs. Feeling

Discover why there is a difference between doing and feeling and how when we get very busy doing we can forget to take time to feel.

sleep deprived

Late Night Self-Care

See how Julie used late-night self-care when she was having trouble sleeping one night and why we all need a "toolkit."



CEO Julie Wald shares a story about her son, Eli, and how together they became involved in a program that allows them to share their abundance.

nourishing friendships

Life is Meant to be Lived

Creating small, yet nourishing self-care moments can turn into powerful experiences.


Little Things

Find out more about what mini moments are and how they can have a big impact on how we feel mentally and physically.


Take a Walk

Taking a walk allows us to grow stronger in our minds, bodies and souls. Learn why walking can be good self-care for us all.

be present

Re-Entry, A Walk in the Park

We all have a choice to pay attention to the self-care practices that benefit us the most. Remember to pause and make the choice to be attentive to...


This Precious Life

Julie Wald shares a tale about her son and daughter that demonstrates why life is precious and why we all need to find what inspires us to live.

making time for rest

Disconnect to Reconnect

We all need to some time to disconnect in order to reconnect with ourselves, with our families and to regain perspective on our lives.

clinical social worker

The Laboratory

Take a look at Julie Wald and how her life 20 years ago was influenced and became the laboratory for the business she loves today.


Perfectly Imperfect

Recount a story with Julie from when she was 18 and moved to New York City, and how she learned how to see beauty in imperfection.

building resilience

Do What You are Afraid to Do

Julie Wald shares a story about her daughter's camp play and how the girl playing Annie overcame her fears and was able to face the impossible.


Life is Hard

Life is hard. Consider how we all need to fight for each other to maintain a strong body and mind on every level of our being.



After taking a break from her weekly Friday reflections posts, our very own Julie Wald is excited to announce she will be returning to this practice.

self awareness

Being in the Work

Julie Wald shares how helping and guiding others has allowed her to constantly learn about herself. She is on a continuous wellness journey and we...


Close the Senses

Meditation is not always easy but start with this simple yet effective method and take the time to invest in yourself.

mindful parenting

Motherhood: The Balance

Find out more from Julie Wald about how to be a fully active parent and still work full time by finding the right balance between work and family.


What is... Mindfulness Meditation?

What is mindfulness meditation? Meditation plays an integral part in finding balance, awareness, and greater fulfillment.


The Movement Practice

How do you incorporate movement into your life? Learn what it means when we say: our needs are our own.

how to gain healing through food

The Food Journey

Learn more about how food is a highly personal experience for every one of us as Julie Wald shares and discusses her own food journey.


Baby Steps

Do you put the needs of others before your own? Coming from a client who has a pattern of doing this, learn how baby steps helped her regain balance.

Getting unstuck

again, and again, and again

Not all resolutions have to occur at the start of the New Year. Anytime can be a good time to start again.


the power of visualization

Our wellness advisor shares how she used visualization to help find her husband and how this tool can be used to shape and actualize our lives.

letting go to relax

Leaving it all on the field.

Learn more about how to leave it all on the field, what this term means and how we can find balance in our lives with a little faith.

personal growth

Look up

Although it may not align with the seasons, we have control over our internal weather patterns and we want to help you gain that power for your life.

Massage Therapy

I'm a client too

While our CEO Julie Wald is dedicated to taking care of others, she also needs to take time for herself to continue her ever-changing wellness...


A Thin Line

There is a thin line between pain and growth but, pain can be transformed into an opportunity for growth.

Overcoming obstacles

The Edge

Have you discovered your edge? Learn what this is and how it can help you in your daily life and routines.

clinical social worker

The Drive

Julie Wald recounts her personal experiences and indicates how these have helped shape her drive and aligned her to reach her purpose.

Evolving habits

Gardeners of Light

Explore both the light and dark inside yourself, and see how the different aspects in your life can impact the heart and mind.

be present


Part of personal wellness is learning the difference between reacting and responding. Discover how you can tell the difference.


All Around

Bring awareness to the areas of pain in our lives. Explore how practicing yoga, prayer, and meditation can help to connect to a greater sense of...

serving self

Just Say No (Yes)!

When we say no to something, we are actually saying yes to something else. This idea can be very influential in our lives.



Momentum or the lack thereof can influence every area of lives including fitness, exercise, meditation, work, and relationships.

taking action


Taking action has no time stamp. A former classmate of Julie's recently took action for an event that occurred twenty-five years ago and below are...

relaxing day

Normal Day

Sometimes we can be overly optimistic about planning our days. Take a look at the poem below to help you enjoy every moment.

Tipping point

The Tipping Point

Julie Wald talks about her own personal tipping point, how she recovered, and how you too can recover after reaching yours.


Obstacle is the Way

When we face obstacles in our lives, it can be easy to give up. Instead, look at obstacles as a catalyst to growth.

mindful parenting

Give me 100 push ups!

We are pleased to share how my son's experience with martial arts pushed him physically and mentally and how mixing things up can help us too.


In the Mess

Discuss with us how sometimes things in our lives need to get a bit messy for us to become more vivid and focused. Let's start to return to ourselves.

prioritize people

Priority Check Point

See how having simple values can lead to an extraordinary life and why we need to conduct our own personal priority checkpoint.


Fake it til you make it

We can overcome some of the challenges life throws our way and how faking it until you make it, don't worry, it's not what you think.

personal training

Where You Are

Why is it important to listen to your body? Being aware of where we are physically and mentally enables us to listen and respond to our bodies and...


Wine, Taxis, and Softening

Julie discussed how a night out with friends, wine, and a taxi taught her that reacting to situations with softness can have an effect on the...



Both good and bad habits shape our lives. Here is a quick method to get started on editing our habits for better personal wellness.

Stress response

Cycles and Circles

Learn how everything exists in cycles and circles and why you should not stress out about things that do not truly matter.


Don't Know

Be present in life. Feel all the emotions you can and allow ourselves to experience bliss no matter how messy the situation may be.



Discover how learning to work with your inner experience moment to moment can make your feel less busy and more deeply connected to life around you.

be present

Yes or No

Part of personal wellness is knowing what we are saying "yes" and "no" to. It is important that our attention should be aligned with our values and...


Rip it up

Dance is a form of art as well as a great cardio workout. Combine dance with our health and wellness services to create a solid foundation of healthy...

mental strength


Find out how wrestling relates to Yin and Yang when viewed from the perspective of a yoga, meditation and wellness advisor and mother.


Hold Space

A word we and our meditation and yoga teachers use is called "Holding Space." Find out what this word means and how to apply it to your life.


Love Is a Verb

Share the love. Here are some insights on how the love of ourselves and others is similar to meditation. This is because it must be practiced and we...



Learn more about the seven chakras in our bodies and how meditation, yoga, pilates, etc. can help us remove blockages to become balanced.


When Bad Things Happen To Good People

We may never understand why bad things happen to good people. However, we can find empowerment through the things in life we CAN control.


Consider This

Stressful situations from daily life can cause us to lose it. By pausing and taking a moment before the explosion, we can benefit by focusing on...

self awareness

Precious and Available

Happy New Year! This year, remember that there is joy through pain and we must put in the work to find value in our experiences.

power of human touch


Touch is an essential part of healing and wellbeing. It could be as simple as a friendly handshake, as thoughtful as a long hug, or as intimate as a...

attention to needs

The Difference

The most important person to take care of is ourselves and we can only be as good as we feel. So, those who take care of themselves feel better than...

Facing challenges


The obstacles that occur in our lives should be viewed as personal growth opportunities and we want to share how you can use these as learning...



Changes in our behavior, no matter how big or small have a domino effect on us. A change like practicing yoga and meditation or fitness and wellness...

beauty in flaws

Don't Be Boring

Being perfect can be boring and being flawed is perfect. Do not put too much pressure on yourself because learning from our mistakes can help us live...

Self-care methods

Luck and Design

The luck and design of our lives as well as learning how to quiet our days can help us focus on personal wellness, family, and more.


Race to Nowhere

Our lives can feel like a race to nowhere but, reflection through yoga and meditation can help us create a beautiful life.

clinical social worker


Does the question, "What is your purpose? "scare you? See how our personal meditation and health services can help you live your purpose.

how to minimize distractions


See how preparing to spend 24 hours disconnected and offline can be both something we starve for yet, terrifying.



Personal wellness and health require engaging in self-care practices, which we create ourselves, and we are prepared to be the inspiration you need.

finding purpose

Don't know

The answer to several of life's questions is one that is not always clear, but there are things we can do to find what we are looking for.


The Real Deal

Explore how every moment of our lives can get stuck inside our minds and how this is not necessarily a bad thing. Meditation can help.

clinical social worker


Being happy does not mean there were no setbacks. Learn from Julie the challenges and bumps she faced and how yoga and personal meditation allowed...


Labor Day

Check out this inspirational Labor Day message and how drawing a blank on what I wanted to write influenced my post for something else.

parenting struggles

Dinner table

Our founder Julie Wald shares an experience she had at the family dinner table and how letting go can be very powerful when you are struggling.

be present

Good luck

Good luck and bad luck can seem to get mixed up. Find out how what we do when we experience bad luck can make a huge difference.


Strength and Weakness

Our greatest strengths are also our greatest weaknesses. Learn how they reflect back at us through our fitness training, yoga, etc.

toxic friendships

The company we keep

Did you know that the company we keep directly influences us? Find out more in this post and join us at Sakara Life in East Hampton.


I love you

Three little words -- "I love you" can help transform your life and can be a reference point for yoga training, family, work, and more.



Personal wellness is learning to take time for yourself and your family by finding that sweet spot between the tension and the release.


One Hour

See how one hour of yoga can help you from feeling spent and allow you feel closer to illumination.

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